Sauna & Cold Plunge: Maximize Health Benefits with Minimal Effort!
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Sauna & Cold Plunge: Maximize Health Benefits with Minimal Effort!

Ari Horesh

Discover the groundbreaking insights from Dr. Susanna Søberg and Dr. Andrew Huberman on the optimal duration for sauna and cold plunge sessions to enhance your health. This article dives into their research, uncovering the precise balance between too little and too much, ensuring you get the most out of these practices without overdoing it.

The Power of Heat and Cold Exposure

The benefits of sauna and cold plunge are well-documented, ranging from improved cardiovascular health to enhanced brown fat distribution. But how much exposure is just right?

The Ideal Duration

According to Dr. Søberg and Dr. Huberman, the magic number lies in weekly exposure. For cold plunges, aim for 1-2 minutes per session, totaling up to 11 minutes per week. As for the sauna, 10-15 minutes per session is optimal, adding up to 57 minutes weekly.

"It's a low threshold, but I think it's good to have that to maybe we can aim for that if people need to have something to aim for." - Dr. Susanna Søberg

The Science Behind the Numbers

This recommendation is based on extensive research, including the Finnish cohort study, which found that up to 30 minutes in the sauna reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The key is regular, moderate exposure, harnessing the benefits of hormetic stress.

"Healthy stress corresponds to like 10 minutes per session." - Dr. Susanna Søberg

Understanding Hormetic Stress

Hormetic stress refers to the body's adaptive response to moderate, controlled environmental stressors like heat and cold.

Heat Shock Proteins

In saunas, exposure to heat triggers the production of heat shock proteins, which repair cells and improve health. However, exceeding 30 minutes might not offer additional benefits.

Cold Shock Response

Similarly, brief cold exposure stimulates the body's adaptive mechanisms. But becoming too cold-adapted can diminish the benefits, emphasizing the importance of short, regular sessions.

Practical Application

Incorporating these practices into your routine doesn't require extreme measures. A few minutes a day can lead to significant health improvements.

Balancing Duration and Frequency

Instead of one long session per week, breaking it into shorter, more frequent sessions provides greater benefits. This approach keeps the stimulus fresh and effective.

"The goal is not to get so cold adapted that you can sit in for the full 11 minutes in one session." - Dr. Andrew Huberman

Accessibility and Feasibility

These practices are feasible for most people, requiring only a few minutes per session. This makes it easier to integrate them into daily routines.


Dr. Søberg and Dr. Huberman's insights revolutionize our understanding of sauna and cold plunge practices. By focusing on the right balance of duration and frequency, you can maximize health benefits without overextending yourself. Remember, consistency and moderation are key to unlocking the full potential of these powerful health practices.

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