Online Course: Using AI To Study Efficiently in Medical School!
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Online Course: Using AI To Study Efficiently in Medical School!

Ari Horesh

Hi everyone, I'm Ari Horesh, a medical student at Harvey Course. I'm passionate about helping students worldwide ace their medical admission exams. Here, I regularly share unique, in-depth guides, focusing on areas often overlooked by generic AI resources, especially relevant to medical studies. Your support not only helps me update this page with more articles each week but also keeps me connected with you for personalized guide requests and feedback.

Supporting this project offers several benefits:

  1. You're directly supporting my medical education, reducing the financial burden on my family.
  2. You're ensuring our community enjoys an ad-free website.
  3. Your contributions fuel the creation of more content, including detailed guides and video explanations on key concepts and innovative AI tools.
  4. I share effective study techniques that transformed my learning approach, like efficiently using AI to create Anki flashcards from PDFs, and much more.

Your support and interaction mean the world to me and help make this project even more impactful. Thank you for being part of this journey!


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